Palisade - Steel Security Fencing

Palisade fence is the most aesthetically pleasing and strongest palisade product on the market. Each vertical offers industry leading anti-flexing characteristics.

Created through intelligent computer design, each vertical offers industry leading anti-flexing characteristics.

Pallisade is manufactured in New Zealand from high densile galvanized steal and meets or exceeds the New Zealand/Australia specification AS1397.

Palisade fence panels are smooth, extremely strong, resist flexing in any direction and can be easily retro-fitted.

The profiled pales have 91mm spacing, with two horizontals at 50x50x5mm. The fence panel is fully rakeable making it suitable for undulating sites. This makes it an ideal choice for a road barrier fence or any type of boundary fencing that you may require.

The Palisade panel is available in 1.3m, 1.8m and 2.1m heights.

Armourfence High Security Palisade Fencing (1.87mb) Palisade Steel Security Fencing (480kb)

Who is Mr Fencer?

The Mr Fencer journey started in 1996 when the business began providing timber fences for housing and rental properties, primarily in the residential sector.

Since then, Mr Fencer expanded rapidly in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

What We Do

Mr Fencer’s speciality is commercial development and properties, procurement and jobs requiring capital expenditure. Fencing, walls, gates and automation, and security are all specialities for Mr Fencer, along with fully customised jobs, electrified, and balustrades and chain links. Al though Mr Fencer’s primary business is commercial, we do consider larger residential and private projects.


Even the best quality product needs scheduled maintenance, and with any Mr Fencer fence or product, there are procedures for customer and installers, to ensure maximum life for materials, motors, components or more. For maintenance, advice or to book in maintenance or repair of any Mr Fencer product, contact 0800 MR FENCER. 


Specification Guide

Reference material for procurement and technical officers/architects. Please contact us for further information, or more detail on these products.