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Procurement and capital expenditure (Cap-Ex) projects are a Mr Fencer speciality – we understand the processes and timeframes taken to plan and implement large jobs.





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please call us direct, or see our Product Guides   for Mr Fencer technical data.

Once your requirements are proposed, we progress to a site visit to further assess the job and its unique aspects, and offer further feedback and potential refinement.
Mr Fencer provides a quote and assists with technical information required.
Product Guides are available here   to offer detailed technical data for any stage throughout the development process, and to assist architectural plan drawings and designs.


For all tenders, please contact us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Who is Mr Fencer?

The Mr Fencer journey started in 1996 when the business began providing timber fences for housing and rental properties, primarily in the commerical sector.

Since then, Mr Fencer expanded rapidly in the commercial and industrial sectors.

What We Do

Mr Fencer’s speciality is commercial development and properties, procurement and jobs requiring capital expenditure. Fencing, walls, gates and automation, and security are all specialities for Mr Fencer, along with fully customised jobs, electrified, and balustrades and chain links. 


Even the best quality product needs scheduled maintenance, and with any Mr Fencer fence or product, there are procedures for customer and installers, to ensure maximum life for materials, motors, components or more. For maintenance, advice or to book in maintenance or repair of any Mr Fencer product, contact us. 


Specification Guide

Reference material for procurement and technical officers/architects. Please contact us for further information, or more detail on these products.